Product Keys

Domain Name Extensions (TLDs)

Product Name Product Key TLD information to be used for Domain Availability Check and Name Suggestion
.DESI Domain Name dotdesi desi
US.COM Domain Name centralnicuscom
BR.COM Domain Name centralnicbrcom
GB.NET Domain Name centralnicgbnet
ZA.COM Domain Name centralniczacom
UK.COM Domain Name centralnicukcom
Donuts Group 1 donutsgroup1 reisen | equipment | gallery | graphics | lighting | management | support | technology | directory | photos | international | agency | report | education | institute | exposed | supplies | supply | gratis | schule | business | network | football | run | soccer | fyi
Donuts Group 2 donutsgroup2 fish | chat | media | singles | vision | farm | cab | domains | clothing | estate | watch | computer | enterprises | construction | contractors | land | events | marketing | builders | town | training | rentals | productions | gripe | boutique | wtf | fail | florist | repair | house | limited | community | catering | cards | cheap | vacations | foundation | care | properties | industries | parts | services | exchange | digital | direct | place | deals | discount | fitness | church | guide | gifts | immo | money | style | school | mba | cafe | express | team | show | sarl | plus
Donuts Group 3 donutsgroup3 lease | ventures | holdings | codes | limo | viajes | diamonds | voyage | careers | recipes | university | dating | partners | holiday | financial | expert | cruises | flights | villas | clinic | surgery | dental | tienda | condos | maison | capital | engineering | finance | insure | claims | coach | memorial | tax | fund | furniture | healthcare | restaurant | pizza | legal | bingo | tennis | delivery | golf | tours | apartments | wine | hockey | taxi | theater | jewelry | vin | salon
.ACCOUNTANTS Domain Name dotaccountantsaccountants
.CASINO Domain Name dotcasinocasino
.CREDIT Domain Name dotcreditcredit
.CREDITCARD Domain Name dotcreditcardcreditcard
.ENERGY Domain Name dotenergyenergy
.GOLD Domain Name dotgoldgold
.INVESTMENTS Domain Name dotinvestmentsinvestments
.LOANS Domain Name dotloansloans
.PICTURES Domain Name dotpicturespictures
.TIRES Domain Name dottirestires
.BLACK Domain Name dotblackblack
.BLUE Domain Name dotblueblue
.GLOBAL Domain Name dotglobalglobal
.GREEN Domain Name dotgreengreen
.KIM Domain Name dotkimkim
.LGBT Domain Name dotlgbtlgbt
.PINK Domain Name dotpinkpink
.POKER Domain Name dotpokerpoker
.RED Domain Name dotredred
.SHIKSHA Domain Name dotshikshashiksha
.VEGAS Domain Name dotvegasvegas
.VOTE Domain Name dotvotevote
.VOTO Domain Name dotvotovoto
.在线 (Chinese IDN for .online) Domain Name dotchineseonlinexn--3ds443g
.移动 (Chinese IDN for .mobile) Domain Name dotmobilexn--6frz82g
.中文网 (Chinese IDN for .network) Domain Name dotchinesewebsitexn--fiq228c5hs
.PHOTOGRAPHY Domain Name dotphotographyphotography
.SYSTEMS Domain Name dotsystemssystems
.CENTER Domain Name dotcentercenter
.EMAIL Domain Name dotemailemail
.COMPANY Domain Name dotcompanycompany
.SOLUTIONS Domain Name dotsolutionssolutions
.TIPS Domain Name dottipstips
.TODAY Domain Name dottodaytoday
.CITY Domain Name dotcitycity
.BUSINESS Domain Name dotbusinessbusiness
.ASSOCIATES Domain Name dotassociatesassociates
.BIKE Domain Name dotbikebike
.PLUMBING Domain Name dotplumbingplumbing
.GURU Domain Name dotguruguru
.CAMERA Domain Name dotcameracamera
.ACADEMY Domain Name dotacademyacademy
.WORLD Domain Name dotworldworld
.TOYS Domain Name dottoystoys
.CAMP Domain Name dotcampcamp
.KITCHEN Domain Name dotkitchenkitchen
.SHOES Domain Name dotshoesshoes
.BARGAINS Domain Name dotbargainsbargains
.COFFEE Domain Name dotcoffeecoffee
.GLASS Domain Name dotglassglass
.SOLAR Domain Name dotsolarsolar
.ZONE Domain Name dotzonezone
.COOL Domain Name dotcoolcool
.WORKS Domain Name dotworksworks
.CLEANING Domain Name dotcleaningcleaning
.TOOLS Domain Name dottoolstools
.CASH Domain Name dotcashcash
.LIFE Domain Name dotlifelife
.DOG Domain Name dotdogdog
.COUPONS Domain Name dotcouponscoupons

Sunsetted TLDs


Hosting Products

Product Name Product Key
Email Hosting hosting
Enterprise Email US enterpriseemailus
Business Email US eeliteus
Legacy Web Hosting Linux hosting
Legacy Web Hosting Windows hosting
Single Domain Hosting Linux US, Texas Server singledomainhostinglinuxus
Single Domain Hosting Linux IN singledomainhostinglinuxin
Single Domain Hosting Linux UK singledomainhostinglinuxuk
Single Domain Hosting Linux HK singledomainhostinglinuxhk
Single Domain Hosting Windows US, Texas Server singledomainhostingwindowsus
Single Domain Hosting Windows IN singledomainhostingwindowsin
Single Domain Hosting Windows UK singledomainhostingwindowsuk
Single Domain Hosting Windows HK singledomainhostingwindowshk
Multi Domain Hosting Linux US, Texas Server multidomainhosting
Multi Domain Hosting Linux IN multidomainhostinglinuxin
Multi Domain Hosting Linux UK multidomainhostinglinuxuk
Multi Domain Hosting Linux HK multidomainhostinglinuxhk
Multi Domain Hosting Windows US, Texas Server multidomainwindowshosting
Multi Domain Hosting Windows IN multidomainwindowshostingin
Multi Domain Hosting Windows UK multidomainwindowshostinguk
Multi Domain Hosting Windows HK multidomainwindowshostinghk
Reseller Hosting Linux US resellerhosting
Reseller Hosting Linux IN resellerhostinglinuxin
Reseller Hosting Linux UK resellerhostinglinuxuk
Reseller Hosting Windows US resellerwindowshosting
Reseller Hosting Windows IN resellerwindowshostingin
Reseller Hosting Windows UK resellerwindowshostinguk
Dedicated Server Linux US dedicatedserverlinuxus
Wordpress Hosting wordpresshostingusa

Other Products

Product Name Product Key
Website Builder hosting
SiteLock sitelock
SSL Certificate sslcert
CodeGuard codeguard
G Suite (Global) gappsgbl
G Suite (India) gappsin
G Suite (Southast Asia) gappsse
Weebly weebly